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MBA - Management Institute of Jabalpur

Cogent Business school was founded in 2009 by Mr. Harish Rijhwani at Jabalpur. Mr. Rijhwani visualized Cogent to be a premier management institute creating path breaking ways to impart quality MBA education for the existing and the prospective students of Jabalpur.

Cogent offers students a chance to reshape their lives by studying and applying management in their everyday life. It envisages a future where the students will be able to rebuild and reshape the managerial world as well as the society.

We take pride in the fact that even though we are a young organization, our achievements have been substantial - be it in terms of imparting value education , grooming students, providing the right kind of training or helping them in finding suitable placements.

Cogent continues to walk the unmarked path still striving and believing in the creation and contribution of new ideas, beliefs and thoughts to the society.